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Do battery brands matter?

The old saying, "you get what you pay for" doesn’t quite ring true when it comes to buying batteries. According to a recent study released by, alkaline batteries - regardless of brand - deliver the same power and performance. They conclude, “You’re better off buying less expensive batteries, such as Rayovac, or Energizer or Duracells cheaper online, because our exclusive tests show there is no measurable difference in quality among these batteries.” At Battery Market you’ll find these great brands and even greater savings. .

Buy cheaper batteries online with confidence, and remember to save even more with Battery Market’s bulk buy deals.


Will I save money if I bulk buy batteries?

Yes! Battery Market pass on trade savings directly to you. Take the Duracell lithium cell CR2032 for example. This lithium cell delivers the reliable long lasting power you’d expect from Duracell in your bike computers, postal scales, clock radios, electronic diaries, medical devices and fitness gadgets.

Buy 1 x Duracell CR2032 at Battery Market today and it is 58% cheaper than you'd pay at a supermarket.

Buy 110 x Duracell CR2032 batteries and save £220, an incredible 67% off RRP!

So when you buy more, you save more too.


What type of battery do I need - high-drain or low-drain?

High-drain and low-drain devices compare to one another like the rabbit and turtle in that infamous race. A high-drain device uses a lot of power in a short time (portable video game, MP3/iPod, cellphone) – like the rabbit running for the finish line. A low–drain device only uses electricity sometimes (like a TV remote control) or a little bit over a long time (like an alarm clock) – just like the turtle moving slow and steady.

If you are wondering which battery you should use, take a look at our Which Battery? Guide.


What is storage life?

Storage life is the length of time a battery can remain in its packaging before us and still deliver optimum power when placed in an electronic gadget. Battery Market favours brands with guaranteed storage life so that you get the greatest benefit from our bulk buy battery deals.


How do I return the batteries if they are not the ones I want?

Battery Market has a No-Nonsense 7 day Return Policy. You can read all about our Return Policy here.


What if I wish to buy batteries online with a purchase order?

Many of our customers are public service organisation, local education department, health authority and government department.  Please email your purchase order to and we will guide you through the process.



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